February 04, 2003
New Parts

I put off buying new parts for as long as possible, but I had to break down and get some today because my bike has become impossible to ride. My chain is skipping all the time, I try to take it real slow when I first start pedalling, but even doing that, my chain skips badly sometimes. A car nearly ran me over today when I was trying to cross the road and my chain gave out. That's when I knew I had to get that fucking thing fixed!

So I picked up a new back wheel [the one mentioned above], a new sprocket [9 speed], a new chain [a good one, hopefully last longer than the cheap POS I got last time] and a chainring. [34 tooth] Now I just have to install it all, but I think I'll wait until Thursday as tomorrow its supposed to snow. Thursday will be 7. [mudfest no doubt]

Total damage: ~$300.00

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