December 02, 2002
Mega busy lately!

Been too busy to do any blogging lately, or much of anything else for that matter! Helped the BLG people get packed for their big move, courier biz has been crazy last two weeks, had to see the movie people for my cheque and today I had the wonderful experience of a root canal first thing in the morning. Went well but was rather expensive, plus I have another two appointments next week. Bleh! But now that my friends at BLG have moved [bye! *sniff, sniff*] and I wont see them as much, if at all, and my other account Best Pacific is also gone, I will be much less busy. Unfortunately that means less money for me and do I ever need more money with this damn dentistry vampire sucking my wallet dry, I really need to pick up more accounts and fast! I did get one new account today [hi Krystal!], but I really need a big account to replace BLG. Not that anybody could ever replace the awesome group of people that worked there. They rocked! I will miss them all so much.

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