October 09, 2012
Learning Japanese

私は日本語間ベル。Trying to learn Japanese. It's not easy. :(

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January 31, 2012
Reading books 2012

Rather than replicate my book list here, I'll just refer you to my Good Reads comment thread that I use to keep track of the books I've read in 2012. So far, I'm off to a horrible start, having only read one book in January!

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December 31, 2011
Reading books 2011

I will list the books I've read this year in this entry. My goal is 50 books this year, again, after failing to reach that milestone last year - I ended up reading only 43. The summer really killed me, I was doing fine up till then - and read next to nothing for the three summer months. I will be more consistent this year. I hope.

I have read 8 books so far this year.

And one audiobook. [Griftopia]

Currently reading:

Death Du Jour by Kathy Reichs

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December 31, 2010
Reading Books 2010

After getting my Sony ebook reader, I've been reading a bit more than I usually do. That thing is so convenient to carry around, I'm much more fond of it than I thought I would be. Anyway, I'm going to try and read at least 50 books this year, which is a lot for me as I am usually a very slow reader. Sometimes it takes me months to get through a book, especially if I'm not particularly fond of a book. So here are the books I've read so far, although I am cheating a bit as I got my ebook reader just before Christmas so I actually read some before 2010 started. Oh well, I'm counting them anyway, ha ha.

Currently finished reading 43 books.

Well, that's it for 2010. I failed in my quest to read 50 novels. :(

Oh well, I did come close, somewhat, and I have a goal for 2011! And it was fun trying, I read a lot of good novels this year, and more than a few crappy ones, but hey, that comes with the territory I guess.

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September 18, 2010
Deep Red (1975)

I can't believe this movie is PD, it's one of Argento's best!

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