October 29, 2007

Guitar Hero II

Actually, that video is from Guitar Hero III but I only have GHII. That video blows me away, I could never play that song. Not in a million years, I'm so uncoordinated. Yesterday my GH guitar stopped working so I had to bring it back to the Future Shop and exchange it. When I got back, after doing some practicing, I took another shot at my first song [Surrender] in career mode. When I first got this game, I immediately went into career mode and tried to play this song. And got booed off the stage! Oh the humiliation! So last night I started off pretty good [100% in the first section!] but then I screwed up and people in the crowd were booing me and I thought I would lose again. But I stuck with it, hitting the odd streak here and there, and finished the song! Awesome, I'm a rock god, I limped through Surrender!

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October 28, 2007

XBox360 Live login error fixed!

Bill You Fuck

I figured out what was going wrong when I tried to setup my account on Xbox Live and the solution was ridiculously stupid! This was my problem:

I tested my connection to Live - it gave me "Confirmed" for each test plus "open" for NAT. Everything appears to be alright as far as my connection goes.

I created a Windows Live ID using my PC and responded to the confirmation email. [Fungii000]

I tried to use this ID to connect to Live with my XBox360. It asks me for an email and password. But when I submit this information, the exact error I get is "Xbox Live signup is currently unavailable. Please try again later".

What was the problem? The virtual keyboard you use to type in this information has what appears to be a "." key at the bottom, in the same area where the period is on a regular keyboard. This is not a period, but some other character, an underscore most likely. Although it's hard to tell, even at 1080p resolution! I entered my email address again, being sure to use the period key from the virtual number pad this time, and it went through no problem. Doh!

Too bad MS didn't see fit to give a more pertinent error message rather than the completely inaccurate, not to mention misleading "Xbox Live signup is currently unavailable. Please try again later." Sometimes I think they do this shit on purpose just to fuck with us. Bastards!

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October 27, 2007

XBox 360

I got an Xbox 360 this week. Couldn't really afford it, but I couldn't pass up on the deal they were offering at the Future Shop - Forza 2, Spiderman Alliance and Guitar Hero II [with the guitar] were free with the purchase of the premium system.

Today I tried to get XBox Live set up on it, what a fucking nightmare. I bought a Linksys router, which was a royal pain to get working by itself. As if that wasn't bad enough, the Live account signup kept rejecting my email address as not valid. So I created an account using my PC and then tried to use that account to get on Live. But it keeps telling me it can't do it and to try again later. I tested my connection to Live and it says everything's fine so I don't know what the problem is. I fired off an email to Live support so hopefully they can help. Very frustrating.

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