November 07, 2007

Stolen Bike - Details

2002 Black Azonic Evolution mountain bike frame - stickers removed except for "Evolution" on the top tube at the front
Avid mechanical disc brakes - large rotors [203 mm]
License plate number 1574 - front and back
Avid brake levers
Deore XT rear derailler
No front derailler
Front shifter - Deore XT
Rear shifter - Deore LX
Large middle chainring - 42 tooth
Deore crankset - Black, paint worn away to reveal silver underneath
Race Face handlebar - Black, flat straight, cut short
Lock-jaw type handlebar grips
Handlebar stem - Specialized, short, silver
New continental tire on back - Contact Security 26 X 1.75
Old continental tire on front - Country Ride 26 X 1.75
Sun Rhyno Lite rims, front and back, black
2004 Marzocchi Marathon XL forks - no air in them so they were sunk down as far as they could go
Heavily worn bike seat, the cover was worn away
SPD pedals with black plastic platforms so you could ride without spds if you needed to, Shimano I think
Front tire had a Schraeder tube, but rear tire had a Presta tube with a brass adapter attached and a yellow cap



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Stolen Bike

Somebody ripped off my bike today. I'm so depressed right now. It was a slow day today and I finished my bank deposits early, so I went into my final time call a bit early at Canterra Tower. After sitting around for about 15 minutes, I did my time call and came out to drop off my last couple of deliveries and go home. That's when I noticed my bike was gone. At first I thought maybe I just parked it somewhere else but then I noticed my lock sitting on the ground cut in half.

I bought this frame back in 2002 and slowly built it up into the bike I wanted it to be. It's not just the money, this was my bike. I had spent so much time getting it just right. Now I'm screwed. I can't work tomorrow. I have to fork out a bunch of money that I don't have to buy a bike that I don't fucking want. I want my bike dammit! Plus I have to go to the police station to report this as they closed at 7:00 o'clock today and I didn't make it. I can't find my receipt anywhere so who knows what they'll say about that. I can find my receipts for 2001, 2003, 2004 but not 2002 which is when I bought my frame. I'll probably be up all night looking for this goddamn receipt.

The worst part of this is that the bike didn't even look that good. All the stickers were removed except for "Evolution" on the down tube, so he couldn't sell it as a certain brand. The paint was chipped, it just didn't look good. So he's probably going to turn around and sell it for peanuts. A bike that I put so much time and effort [and money!] to make exactly how I wanted it to be. In short, it meant so much more to me than it could ever mean to him. Or her. Not to mention it was what I used to earn my living.

I'm crushed.

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November 03, 2007

GHII:Possum Kingdom


I managed to finish Possum Kingdom in Guitar Hero II today, although I only got 74% or something. I did better earlier but when I was changing the cables on my XBox, it reset itself and I lost my score! Then I was so pissed off I couldn't play worth a damn. Oh well, I'll do better next time. I hope.

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