August 11, 2007

Japanese Nintendo Commercial

I like how the guy comes flying out the bus into a brick wall, shakes himself off and keeps running.

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August 04, 2007

The Truth is right in here, baby

X-Files 5
The Future Shop has the X-Files boxed sets on sale for $19.99 each. With such a good price, I ran out and picked up the last 5 sets to complete my collection [5-9]. I threw in the X-Files movie just to make it really complete and the total came to something like $116.54. Which is a great deal considering these boxed sets were much more expensive when they first came out [$113.99 each?].

They also had the Millennium boxed sets on sale for the same price, $19.99. Great series, but I've seen all the episodes already and I just couldn't afford more DVDs. They also have the Roswell boxed sets on sale for the same price. Never watched that show so I have no idea if they're worth it.

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