December 12, 2005

Val Lewton collection

Holy shit, I haven't posted here for a long time! I've been sick for the past week and I didn't feel like doing anything. Friday was so bad, I took the day off. Constant coughing, stuffed up head, it's been pretty miserable.

Before that I watched the whole Val Lewton horror box set, which is a good collection of films, very very much ahead of his time. I especially liked Curse of the Cat People. It's not about cat people and can barely be considered horror, but still a strange and interesting movie. I saw it a long time ago on television not knowing it was a sequel, of sorts, to Cat People, another Lewton production, and I thought "WTF??? Where's the cat people? Where's the horror?" Must have struck a chord though, cause I remembered it all these years later. The Karloff pictures in this set really show how great an actor he was beyond his Frankenstein performances, especially The Body Snatcher - he's very nasty but kind of sad, because you can see his hold over the doctor is all he has in life; without that bit of nastiness, he has nothing. Altogether a great set of movies, check 'em out. The titles of the movies are pretty funny because they promise one kind of movie but deliver something completely different. I guess it was part of Lewton's contract that the studio got to pick the titles for his movies, so you get stuff like "I Walked with a Zombie" and "The Leopard Man".

Posted by Fungii at 08:25 PM