August 31, 2003

Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis
Wow, I just saw Jerry Lewis on TV and he sure put on a few pounds! He's had a lot of problems with back pain in his life, apparently. He was on the verge of suicide it was so bad, but his doctor implanted some kind of electronic device to control it. He has a remote control to crank up the voltage when the pain gets bad.
Glick and Jerry Lewis

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Straddle the toilet, squat down

This is just plain weird. [link uses sound] I wonder why they have toilets like that? Some kind of leftover from the middle ages maybe. I was hoping it would be a little more graphic to tell you the truth. Hey, they forgot to tell the little white boy to puuuuush.

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August 29, 2003

Got my Power Amp Back

I finally got my power amp back from the shop last night. It took them three months to swap out a defective switch. Three months! Crazy, I should have just done it myself. And this is the same guy who does their warranty work. I'm not sure I want to buy anything from them if it takes that long to get things fixed.

Anyway, I thought I'd watch a DVD last night now that I have surroundsound back again, even though it's just plain old Pro-Logic. [I need a new preamp] So I started watching Star Wars Clone Wars. Wow, it seemed even crappier on second viewing. The dialogue is so stilted, the acting is atrocious and there ain't much of a story. Ewen McGregor [sp?] was pretty good, tho. And the sets are pretty impressive. But it got too boring halfway through and I stopped it. Oh, and the sound was good too, except for the score. God, is that John Williams? Can't he ever come up with something different? It all sounds the same, very predictable, boring shit.

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August 25, 2003


Neal Stephenson's new book, Quicksilver, is coming out this month. [September?] Can't wait, I loved Cryptonomicon. Wired has a short interview with him. Looks like it's going to be a trilogy, with new instalments coming every six months. Wow, that's ambitious. I wonder if he started writing one novel and it turned into three?

Amazon has it listed for September 11, 2003. And it clocks in at a whopping 944 pages. Woohoo!

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I would like to kill everyone. Except you. Obviously.

This guy has collected a bunch of snippets of conversation overheard on the London tube. Some of it is hilarious, and strangely familiar.

So, anyway, on his deathbed he suggests that I buy the lawnmower off him. I said no.

via Metafilter

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Rise of Nations

rise of nations
I figured out how to take screenshots in this game today. Just about finished, only three nations left. Yipee!

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August 24, 2003

CNN anchor hits cyclist, gets fine

I always thought this guy was a jerk, but I didn't realize he was this fucked up. What a prick, he should have got a lot more than a fine. But hey, it's just a cyclist and he is a pseudo-celebrity...

Jack acted responsibly in this, as he always has,” said Cafferty’s lawyer, Seth Rosenberg.

A traffic officer and about five pedestrians ran after Cafferty’s car to stop him after the accident, but Cafferty drove through at least two red lights and around other vehicles without stopping, according to a police complaint.Cafferty was dragging the man’s bike underneath his car, police said.

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August 23, 2003

I am cursed

I go outside, it rains. I come inside, it's sunny and warm now.

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Blame Canada

More hyperbole from the US administration and their war on drugs. Wow, Canada grows good weed. Big deal. I'm sure most of the weed Americans consume comes from within their own borders. And most weed grown today is grown hydroponically, so there is nothing to stop Americans from using BC bud clones to grow their own crack marijuana. The whole thing is silly. Next thing you know, they'll be labeling us Canadians narco-terrorists. Bleh.

John Walters drug czar
But here's something not widely known: New York State's laws on marijuana are, in some ways, weaker than the ones Canada is poised to adopt.

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August 22, 2003

Farrah's Back

I'm starting to think you don't like me
I can be her official backside photographer. Oh I give up. I'll post more blurry, indistinct pictures of Farrah's backside tomorrow. Yeah, I know, you can't wait. :(

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they're ignoring me
That's Robin Givens in the red track suit chatting with Farrah. You can tell its Farrah, she has her back turned to me. I think she hates me. Bitch. The black guy over to the left is Dorian Haywood. Yeah, him.

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Hollywood Wives - First pic

try squinting real hard, real real hard
Right above the cab's hood, in the middle, that's little Laura Ingall's head. Really. And over to the right, those blond curls belong to none other than Farrah Fawcett. Uh huh. I told you my pictures suck. And you thought I was kidding. You can see they haven't completed the sign yet. [Waattan?] It usually says Watermark Tower, but they were changing it over to Manhattan East Theater. This was during rehearsal so it didn't matter.
Use your imagination, it really is them!

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August 21, 2003

Hollywood Wives - The New Generation

I just checked all the pictures I took and none of them are very good as far as shots of the 'stars' go. What a drag, I could really use a telephoto lens on this thing, it only has a 2X optical zoom.

Hey I just saw an ad for tomorrow's Extra Extra, they're having a spot on Jackie Collins' Hollywood Wives. Cool, have to check it out.

Hollywood Wives - The New Generation

  • airs on CBS at 9:00 PM Sunday October 19, 2003
  • Farrah Fawcett - Lissa Roman
  • Robin Givens - Stella Rossitter
  • Melissa Gilbert - Taylor Singer
  • Jack Scalia as Michael Scorsinni
  • Dorian Haywood
  • director - Joyce Chopra
  • writers - Jackie Collins, Nicole Avril
  • executive producers - Jackie Collins, Renee Valente, Tom Patricia

There were rumours Christina Aguilera wanted to be in this movie as well but I didn't see her anywhere today. It was really slow at work so when I saw these people setting up for filming I thought I would hang around and check it out. They did a rehersal thing early in the day and I took some pictures of Farrah and Melissa when this was going on. I didn't know Robin Givens was in this movie as well but after looking at the pictures I took I can see she is in there wearing a red track suit.

They set up 530-8 Avenue SW [the Watermark Tower] as the Manhatten East Theater so I guess the film is set in New York. It was set up with a red carpet and all these funky lights and shit so I guess some kind of movie premiere was supposed to be happening. Farrah shows up in a limo and all these rabid fans freak out when they see her. It was funny when they were filming this because all the extras were spazzing out and the director would yell "Cut, cut!" and the crowd would just keep on freaking out. He would have to yell cut quite a few times before they would finally settle down. Farrah gets out of the limo and walk up the carpet to the main door, shaking fans' hands along the way. Oh yeah, she also blows a kiss at the camera.

And that was basically the whole scene that they filmed while I was still there. When Farrah gets inside the building, she sees Robin Givens being interviewed by a TV crew and they kinda nod at each other, but I didn't see that. The scene with the limo is shot with a crane and a camera from the side. They also did a third shot as a 'first person view' from Farrah's perspective. That Scalia dude accompanies Farrah up the carpet.

After the rehearsal, I had to do some deliveries and when I came back everybody was gone on a break. So I hung out until they started setting up for actually filming the scene. There were a ton of extras showing up for this. I recognized one guy from last year's A Problem with Fear shoot. As all this was going on I was standing behind the director's chair [there were about five chairs there actually] where I could watch the stuff being filmed on a couple monitors. As I was standing there who comes over but Melissa Gilbert, all decked out in a slinky black dress with a little matching black purse. And her hair was made up in these big curls. She looked hot. She sat in Jackie Collins' chair for a short time. It was funny, everybody was rubbernecking, trying to get a glimpse of Farrah, I don't think anybody noticed Melissa sitting there!

That was so cool, wish my camera was working! Then, later on, Robin Givens came over and stood right beside me. I shit you not. That was so weird, I didn't even say hi, I just stood there grinning like an idiot. A little girl came up to her and asked for an autograph, she asked her her name and then after signing, she kissed it so there was lipstick marks on there too. She seemed really nice. Then another chick asked for her autograph, and she obliged. Then after she went to hand it back, the chick insisted she kiss it as well! Yikes! [she did do it] Later I found out the chick didn't even know who she was. Then Robin tried to chat with the crew, but somebody had the nerve to tap her on the shoulder and ask for her autograph. And a line was starting to form of autograph seekers. She got out of there pretty quick after that. Kinda sucked, I was hoping she could have hung out there longer.

The chick who got Robin's autograph went and got another actor's autograph. I asked her who he was and she replied she didn't know. Nobody knew his name but everybody recognized him from TV. Turns out his name is Dorian Haywood, but I couldn't find an entry for him in IMDB. Weird. Then there was some chick who came up and she started asking all these questins. Who is that? What movie is this? She was the type of person who would say the first thing that came into her silly, empty head. Aloud. In her whiny, grating voice. Soon people were drifting away, but I just tried real hard to ignore her. It was cold this morning, but now it's warmer. Finally, she anounced she was leaving and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Around 7:00pm I decided to leave, looked like they were all going for a break anyway. They said they were filming till midnight tho. Never saw Jackie Collins, but everybody was taking turns sitting in her chair. He he. They're filming tomorrow as well but I probably wont be getting any pictures as I think they said they're filming on a roof of some kind. [?]

I'll try to post some pictures tonight. But be warned, they suck.

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Hollywood Wives

I hung out on the location set for Hollywood Wives most of the afternoon and my feet are killing me. Here's a video clip from the news. I took a bunch of pictures but then my battery died just when things were getting interesting. Damn! Anyways, I'll post some pics and stuff after I get something to eat.

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Broken Saints

I've heard this is a good online comic book thingy as well, but I don't have time to check it out right now. Maybe tomorrow. Goodnight.

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The Killer

Cool online comic book The Killer. [uses Flash] Unfinished, but still worth checking out. I read the first book, 12 episodes. Good stuff, wish there was more like it on the web. Reminds me of some old Heavy Metal comics. Rarely do I like sound with web pages, but it actually works well with this presentation to set the mood. The navigation, on the other hand, sucked.

via Metafilter

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August 20, 2003

Lamb of God Lyrics

Just because I like the song so much, here's the lyrics to Marilyn Manson's Lamb of God. Enjoy!

Lamb Of God

There was Christ in the metal shell
there was blood on the pavement
The camera will make you god
that's how Jack became sainted

If you die when there's no one watching
and your ratings drop and you're forgotten
if they kill you on their TV
you're a martyr and a lamb of god
nothing's going to change
nothing's going to change the world

There was Lennon and a happy gun
There were words on the pavement
we were looking for the lamb of god
we were looking for Mark David

If you die when there's no one watching
and your ratings drop and you're forgotten
if they kill you on their TV
you're a martyr and a lamb of god

Nothing's going to change the world
nothing's going to change
Nothing's going to change the world
nothing's going to change
the world

it took three days for him to die
the born again could buy the serial rights
lamb of god have mercy on us
lamb of god won't you grant us

Nothing's going to change the world
nothing's going to change
Nothing's going to change the world
nothing's going to change
the world

If you die when there's no one watching
and your ratings drop and you're forgotten
if they kill you on their TV
you're a martyr and a lamb of god
nothing's going to change the world

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Just ramblin'

Here's a couple pictures from last Friday which was the worst day for smoke downtown. This week's been much better. Haven't been doing much lately. Had to do my billing last night [late!] and tonight I got wired on another Rise of Nations scenario. I haven't been this hooked on a game since last year's Disciples II. Highly recommended. Damn crickets! I have a little cricket farm going to feed my tarantulas and now that they are almost mature I'm getting the male crickets who chirp all the time. And loudly at that. Drives me bananas.

view from my balcony

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August 19, 2003


This is a grasshopper. Yes, it is. That is all.

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August 18, 2003

Another Sniper?

Looks like there's another sniper on the loose. Wonder how long it will take to get this bozo[s]?

He said his agency is receiving assistance from some of the investigators in last year's sniper attacks in the Washington, D.C., area, and those investigators are "giving us some good advice that we're following."

Stop writing that book Moose-man, we need you!

Witnesses saw the dark-colored truck at the Go-Mart where Meadows was killed. One witness -- a woman talking on a pay phone a few feet away from where Meadows stood -- told police she saw a black pickup truck with an extended cab and gold trim.
Witnesses are certain about the pickup truck because they saw it lingering outside the convenience store a full 20 minutes before the third killing. The only description of the driver is that he is an overweight white male.

That probably means it's a thin, Hispanic woman driving a Mini Cooper.

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Freaky Elevator Accident

As someone who spends half my day in and out of elevators, I found this story a little freaky. I ain't holding the door for nobody, dammit.

Nikaidoh, 35, of Dallas, was stepping into a second-floor elevator about 9:30 a.m. Saturday when the doors suddenly closed, pinning his shoulders. His head was severed when the elevator car moved upward. A female hospital employee witnessed the accident and spent about 20 minutes trapped inside the malfunctioning elevator until firefighters were able to rescue her.

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August 16, 2003

Blogs Canada

I just came across a site called BlogsCanada : Officially Unofficial. It looks like they're trying to index Canadian blogs. Which is cool, I'm always trying to find Canadian blogs for a Canadian perpective on things. I like their layout, it looks like an official Canadian Government site at first glance and I'm like WTF the government is indexing blogs now? They just might get in shit for this. Though, they shouldn't cause you know that would suck. Didn't somebody get in shit awhile back for using the Canadian flag on their site? I seem to remember the government was pissed off cause it was their oficial symbol. Silly.

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August 14, 2003


CFCN, our local tv station, says our air quality is fair, despite the smoke blanketing our city. Well beg to differ, but as somebody who works outside in the core all day, I would say the air quality is really, really bad. Yesterday was the worst, I had a sore throat and I was coughing and shit. The smoke is coming from forest fires in southern Alberta and BC.

BC Fire Sat photo

alberta fire taken from space station

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Meanwhile, We have West Nile in Calgary

The dreaded West Nile disease has made its way to Calgary. Finally! We felt real left out there, is our blood not tasty enough or what. And the government's response is to launch an education program urging us to wear light coloured long-sleeved shirts and DEET bug repellant. Rather than trying to kill the little buggers spreading the disease. This is going to come back & bite them in the ass [ha] if anybody is unlucky enough to die from this disease in Alberta. Meanwhile, I saw a poll result that showed roughly 90% of Albertans are doing absolutely nothing different to avoid catching West Nile. So much for the $2 million education campaign.

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Vancouver Outbreak

Seven people died of a SARS-like disease in Vancouver. Great, just great! Ok, it's probably not SARS, it just kills people like SARS. How comforting!

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European Heat Wave

French officials estimate that as many as 3000 people may have died in this summer's heat wave. Holy shit, that's a lot of people!

I smelled an odour in the street the other day and I'm sure it's an elderly person decomposing.

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Power Blackout

Today a major blackout occured in Eastern Canada and the US. New York, Detroit, Toronto and Ottowa went down. Not a terrorist thing, just some power grid glitch. Some people got stuck in elevators. That happened to me once, it took 45 minutes to get me out. The thing is about those elevators, there ain't no secret escape hatch in the ceiling like in the movies. If it stalls between floors, get comfortable cause you ain't going nowhere. I didn't scream tho like some people were doing today, apparently. Or have a baby. I was just stuck in there all alone.

Wonder if they'll have anything about this on The Restaurant? Fuck I'm shallow.

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August 10, 2003

Night Sky

night sky

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Heckel and Jeckel on acid

crows on acid
Saw this painting in a store window in Banker's Hall.

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Peruvian Green Velvet

This spider molted again this morning. Strange, it's an adult and it just molted six months ago. I just dropped a cricket in there yesterday, so when I saw it molting this morning I had to fish it back out before it nibbled on the helpless tarantula.

Thrixopelma puriens

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Brake Pads

My front disc brake started squealing like pig on Friday so I went to the Bike Shop to get new pads. They wanted $40.00 for a set. Outrageous! Brake pads for my old v-brakes could be had for as little as $3.50. They wouldn't last quite as long as these disc brake pads, but still, forty bucks! I needed them so I forked out the cash and got them put on. Thought I'd check on the internet to see if I could get them cheaper, and sure enough, they were priced at $20 on the Airbomb site. Half-price. Grumble. Guess I should stock up on them so I don't get ripped off next time. I also found this interesting product. Lol! I also noticed that Airbomb isn't carrying the 2002 Azonic Evolution frame anymore. Bummer. I wanted to pick another one up to use as a winter bike. The American site has the new Evolution but for $441 American, while the old model was going for $299 CAD on the Canadian site. About half the price. And the old frame had beefier rear chainstays and horizontal dropouts. Guess I'll grab a DS-1 instead, although the chainstays aren't as beefy.

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August 08, 2003

Free Burgers!

On August 22, McDonald's Canada is giving away free burger coupons when you buy a burger. It's a promo for their conversion to 100% Canadian beef in support of Canadian farmers devastated by the Mad Cow disaster. So much for the stories of McDonald's beef coming from starving, disease-infested cows in Africa living on dead children. Where's the fun in that?

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Wishing on a star

Queensryche is one of my favorite bands, I actually got to see them once at the Saddledome. It was on the Empire tour but they played the entire Operation:Mindcrime album with an intermission in the middle where they played some Empire and older stuff. It was a great show. Reading this article, it sounds like they're pretty cool in real life too.

A child in pain whispers a prayer. It is scooped up by her guardian angel, who draws it to her lips and blows it to the wind. It pierces the hearts of a dozen strangers, who move mountains to ease her suffering, if only for a moment.

via Metafilter

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August 07, 2003

I won!

I won my scenario in RON. But I just repelled the invasion so I didn't gain any territory. Ho hum.

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Game Brain

I tried playing Morrowind on the weekend, but it's kinda hard at the begining. You spend a lot of time wandering around trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Tonight I wanted to play a game, but Morrowind just seemed to intimidating, so I fired up Rise of Nations. The last time I had played this game, my army was bogged down fighting the Germans. Well, after loading the saved game tonight, I could see it was a lost cause, so I reloaded and began fresh from the start. It's going much better this time. I just dug in and waited for those Nazi bastards to attack me. Like bashing their faces against concrete, I think I'm gonna win this one. Shit it's late, I gotta go to bed. I'll try to finish the scenario tomorrow. If I don't post, you'll know I got my ass kicked.

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August 05, 2003

And this one time, my cat sat on my keyboard...

I cleaned up my apartment on the weekend, then sat around for most of the rest of the long weekend. Saw Brotherhood of the Wolf on TV on Sunday, not bad but reading sub-titles for two and a half hours gave me a headache. Literally. I took a bunch of Tylenol that didn't seem to work so I tried drinking some booze and that helped, my headache disappeared but then I couldn't sleep. So I stayed up all night watching Buffy dvds. I think I watched about five or six of them that night, including Hush, definately one of the best episodes ever. I'm almost finished season four, two dvds left. Monday I woke up late and a little hung over, wanted to do shit but had zero energy so basically did nothing. Today, worked, it was busy in the morning but died out in the afternoon. Saw John, my old dispatcher, on the way home. [Hey John!] He filled me in on what he's been up to for the last five years, in detail. The sun was setting as I broke away to go home, him following me, bellowing 'but wait, there's more!' [he he, just kidding man] Made it home, ate some dinner, watched MI-5 [kinda sucked] and part of Big Brother. [Robert did not use the vito, Aly is still a bitch, Nate is gay] Hey, next week's MI-5 has Giles on it. I think he trains the secret agents how to hone in on terrorists. If this massive run-on sentency thing makes no sense to you, don't worry there wont be a test. Or even a quiz. Sweet dreams.

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August 01, 2003

Suck It Down, RIAA

We just don't care. Study: U.S. swappers shrug off copyrights.

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