September 24, 2006

Male Emilia

I knew one of my tarantulas was a male for the longest time, but it wasn't mature. Until it molted yesterday that is! Yeah, he's finally got his little boxing gloves. Once he makes a sperm web I can try mating him with my female Emilia. Hopefully she won't eat him.

Its a boyRed RoverFreshly molted

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Road Trip

Here's some pics I took looking out my windshield on my way to Banff. Maybe next time I'll actually stop and take some decent ones from the the great outdoors!

Highway numba 1

Sunny Today Yes

Asphalt Jungle

Heading Out to the Highway

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First Fillup

I drove out to Banff today, the longest drive in my Vibe yet! I was running low on gas, but I thought I could get back to Calgary before she went dry. Well, I took Springbank road back by accident and my empty light came on at 529 kilometers on my odometer. I was out in the boonies with nothing but fields for miles and miles, so I just kept driving, hoping I'd hit a gas station before she died. At 560 kilometers I finally found a gas station! At least now I know how far you can go on "empty".

I filled up with regular [87 octane] 41.915 litres at 82.9 cents/litre for $34.75. If I calculate my current odometer reading [560 km] divided by my fillup litres [41.915l], I get 13.36 km/l. Of course, I'm not sure if the first 24 km on my car was from the original fillup or if it came from a bit of gas in the tank before that, if you know what I mean. So I don't know how accurate this calculation is, but it should be pretty close. Converting to American miles per gallon using Google's conversion numbers, I get 31.43 MPG. Not bad I guess, since most of my driving was in the city. And the fuel efficiency is supposed to increase as the car gets broken in. Beats the hell out of what I used to get in my old '78 Monte Carlo, that's for sure!

And on my first fillup, as I was trying to leave the gas station, this old man in a Porsche, not only cuts me off, but keeps backing up right towards me! That old bastard would have hit me too, if I hadn't laid on the horn. Bastard!

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