August 27, 2006

Polished Pontiac

Washed and waxed my car today. I think they washed it at the dealership, and they did a decent job, but they missed a couple spots. I made sure it was cleaned real good and then waxed it real good so it's really shiny now. Too bad there's so much dust in this town, my car is covered with a good layer of it already. I also scotch-guarded the seats and car mats. Now the day is almost over and I never got to drive anywhere! Oh well, maybe next weekend I'll get a chance to take her out on the highway. [Long weekend!] Oh yeah, I also took off the dealer plate holder. I hate that stuff, at least they didn't put on any stickers or badges. I would hate to scratch my paint taking that shit off.

I cleaned 'er good!

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August 26, 2006

My new car!

I finally got my new car today! It's a base 2006 Pontiac Vibe, Abyss black, 5 speed standard. No extras really except for the power package [power windows, door locks, cruise control] and the 3M treatment for the front end. Now I just have to get used to driving a standard again, I must have stalled it 10 times already! The worst part is that my parking spot is on an incline so it drifts backwards if I don't drop the clutch right away. I think I might start backing up into my spot just to make it easier. I did notice a scratch on the hood when I first picked it up today, but they buffed it out pretty good and it was only a small scratch to begin with, but still...

Update: Oh yeah, I got the car at 0% financing and 0% down, at the max time period [48 months], so that helped a lot. They tried to sell me on 60 months at 2.9% financing, but I was like "Are you crazy man???"

My Vibe

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August 04, 2006

Pontiac Vibe

I was supposed to test drive a Pontiac Vibe today. But an hour before my appointment, the dealership called and told me that they had sold the car I wanted just the night before. They're supposed to get another similar car in on Tuesday, so I'm booked to go in then and give it another shot. What a drag, I was rather excited about having a car of my own after going about 10 fucking years without one. I wasn't planning on getting one so soon actually, but with GM's 0% interest financing promotion, I figured now was a good time. I would hate to buy one later and end up paying 5% interest over 4 years, that can really add up on a large purchase.

Pontiac Vibe

Oh yeah, the car I want is a 2006 Pontiac Vibe [same as a Toyota Matrix] Abyss black with a power package [power windows etc.], 5 speed manual, 7 speaker stereo and aluminum wheels. We'll see how much of that is in the vehicle they show me on Tuesday. I'm kind of nervous about taking the test drive with a standard as I haven't driven one in ages! Ha. Oh well, it should be interesting...

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