January 11, 2008

You Tube: You Suck

Posted by Fungii at January 11, 2008 05:59 PM |

hey Richard enjoying this love weather
I thought to check out ur page today since i not doing much. I got a acer 22 lcd wide screen too had it for bit now love it, i find then to be easier on your eyes.
went to see the ruins on the weeken not too bad wasnt as scary i thought i would be more gore than anything with some funny lines here and there. Anyways take care

Posted by: Ricardo on April 10, 2008 02:08 PM

Hey Ricardo! Yeah the lcd screen is much brighter than my old CRT, much nicer. I was interested in seeing The Ruins too, but it seemed to get bad reviews. I can't wait for Iron Man, that movie looks wicked!!

Posted by: Fungii on April 19, 2008 11:18 AM
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