June 18, 2007

New Tomahawk Album comes out tomorrow

You can listen to the entire album [Anonymous] on their MySpace page. Sounds pretty funky!


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June 09, 2007

Durham County

The other series I've been watching as of late is Durham County, another show airing on Movie Central. This one is also a "serial killer" type police procedural but is quite different from Dexter. It's a lot more serious than Dexter, not very much black humour. And you know who the perp is from the very beginning, but that's what make it so interesting as the cop chasing the killer has a lot of the same flaws as the killer himself. All the characters have "skeletons in the closet", they are all very flawed, kind of reminds me of Jane Tennison from Prime Suspect. The acting is very good, particularly Hugh Dillon as Mike Sweeny. I didn't realize where I heard that name before until I found out he's the lead singer of the group "The Headstones"! Hard to believe, as he's about as from from a rock star in this as you can get, with his shaved head and playing a cop and all. Justin Louis plays Ray Prager, the bad guy and he's really good too. It is a Canadian production, but that shouldn't discourage you from watching this as it's really well made. There are only six episodes and new ones air every Monday on Movie Central.

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Movie Central has been replaying the first season of the Showtime series Dexter lately, which has been great for me as I never got to see this series when it first ran. And they are showing it in sequence, one episode every weekday. I wasn't sure if I would like this one very much as the premise is way out there - the "hero" of the show is Dexter, a serial killer. That's right, you're expected to feel sympathetic towards a mass murderer. But the funny thing is, it works. I don't want to spoil it for anybody who hasn't seen this yet, but there are some mitigating factors that make his character a little more palatable. And it's funny as hell, a lot of really demented, black humour. It's based on the book Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. The main character is played by Michael C. Hall [Six Feet Under] with Julie Benz [Darla from Buffy] and Jennifer Carpenter [Exorcism of Emily Rose]. There are only 12 episodes in the first season. And if you don't have Movie Central or Showtime, it comes out on DVD in August. The second season starts in October, hopefully Movie Central will continue to carry it. I just watched episode six, so they should be finished this run by next Monday? The first episode is simply called "Dexter", so if you want to start watching this, that's the one to start with. And you really need to watch this in order, as each episode leads to the next. I wasn't that impressed by the first episode, but by the second one, I was hooked.

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June 03, 2007

Hard Disk Failure

My hard drive had a meltdown this morning. The first thing I did was check the warranty. It was a one year warranty and it expired in May '07. Ick! I was a bit bummed, to say the least. While I was unable to recover any of the data on the disk, I did manage to reformat it and get it working again, so it wasn't a complete loss. Still, I think I'll do more regular backups after that mishap.

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