March 25, 2007

Natalie Portman - Rapper

Holy crap, I never knew Natalie Portman was such a crazy chick!

NP: I donít sleep mothafucka off that yak and the bourbon! Doiní 120, gettiní head while Iím swervin' !
Seth Meyers: Damn Natalie ! You a crazy chick.
NP: Yo, shut the fuck up and SUCK MY DICK !!! Iím bustiní dudes mouths like Gushers mothafucka ! Roll up on NBC and smack the shit out Jeff Zucker !!!
Guys Yelling: What you want Natalie ?
NP: To drink and fight !
Guys: What you need Natalie ?
NP: To fuck all night !!!

Natalie Porman

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Bike rebuild '07 Part II

Spent another $ 170 on my bike [and shit] today. New shoes, bike lock, cleats for me shoes, seat and grips. Hopefully that will be all for awhile, I'm broke!

Fixed the "customize" thing on my sidebar so it works with Firefox. Although it's still screwy, it only changes one thing at a time. As in, if you change the font color and then try to change the font size, the color will revert to the default orange. And if I don't use the default class as a base, the change in class changes more than what I want it to. As in, if I have a simple class that changes just the font color to red, the font size changes as well for some reason. :(

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March 24, 2007

Bike rebuild '07

I had to buy a new drivetrain for my bike this week. Not that I wanted to, I have so many bills to pay right now. I was trying not to spend any money unnecessarily, but my chain was either skipping really bad or completely falling off. I had to buy a new chainring, chain and cassette. My new middle chainring is now a 42 tooth ring, which is funny because my "big" chainring is has only 44 teeth. Not much difference between the two. My new cassette is 12-23, which is cool because I do pretty much all my riding on the road, not much need for the bigger cogs. Now I just need some new biking shoes, seat, handlebar grips, brake levers...

Ugh, I need a couple thousand dollars to fix all the things I need to fix! The total came to $ 305. I also picked up a new 203 mm rotor for my front brake as it was pretty worn down. And an extra 36 tooth chainring, they were on sale and I wasn't sure if the 42 tooth ring would have enough clearance. It did, just barely.

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Brachypelma emilia eggsac

My emilia laid an eggsac. It's kind of screwed up, though. She laid her web in the corner of her cage where there was moist soil and when she rolled it up into a ball, a lot of damp soil got rolled up with it. Now it's a gigantic ball of webbing, soil and eggs. This was on March 16. I think I'll remove the sac from her on about April 16 or maybe a bit earlier. Hopefully it will still be viable. And uneaten.

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