January 31, 2003

Perl/Forms Problem

I was trying to write a perl program that creates a pop-up window [web browser, this is a cgi thing] with a form in it and then processes the form data. What stuck in my brain is: how do I get the form data to go back to the original perl script that called it? I knew this could be done, I've seen it in action before. And I know its a common question for perl newbies like me. Then I came upon this:

As you can see, there is no ACTION attribute to the <FORM> tag. By omitting the ACTION attribute, the browser defaults to sending the completed form to the current CGI program.

It seems like the harder the problem, the simpler the solution. Doh! I'll try this later and see if it works as advertised.

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January 29, 2003

MT Hacking

I hacked the edit_entry.tmpl in Movable Type to add a few more buttons. I added an image button for adding images to an entry, a quote button for quote boxes, a div button for creating divs, a center button and a small button. I guess I could add a break button and a paragraph button, but that might be overdoing it. [ha] I also figured out to use perl for ftp services. Probably use that to automatically upload image files to my isp's server when I add an image to an entry. That way their server can handle the load from image files, making it a little easier on my machine. Probably faster, too.

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Frozen Wasteland

I hate this world!

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January 28, 2003


It was nice yesterday, but it looks like it snowed overnight. Boo. I hate working in the snow. I can handle the cold ok, but the snow really gets on my nerves. Will it never end?

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January 26, 2003

Superbowl Trailers

The Incredible Hulk [June 20] trailer looked way cool. Can't wait for this one.

The Daredevil [Feb. 14] trailer looked good as well, too bad Ben Afleck is in it. Based on the Marvel comic of course.

Then there's the Matrix movies Reloaded [May 15] & Revolutions [Nov. 7] [great], Terminator 3 [July 2][?] and Bad Boys II [July 18] [yuck!].

Well, the football game sure is sucking. [34-3 Bucs]

More trailers:

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January 24, 2003

These People Must Die

I like to start my day with a newspaper and a Coke at the food court in Bow Valley Square. Its usually pretty deserted and I get a little quiet time before the day begins.

So today there's this lady sitting there and she's like "snort". Snooooort. Geez lady, if you have a head full of snot, go blow your goddamn nose already, I'll get you the Kleenex myself if it'll shut you the hell up. Snooort. And she's drinking a cofee or something through a straw, but she can't seem to get her lips fully around it, or she has a hairlip or something. Slurp. Snorrrt. Slurrrp. I was on the verge of getting up and leaving [or decking her] but she mercifully got up and left.

Thank fucking god. Now I can read my paper.

Then a guy sits down by me with a breakfast, McMuffin or something. Smack, smack, smack. WTF? The guy is eating his food with his yap fucking wide open so I can plainly see and hear him masticating his food. Smack, smack, smack. Didn't your crack whore excuse of a mother teach you any godamn manners you filthy bovine?

I had enough, I left.

Later in the day, I had a big lunch. It was a bit much, chicken primavera with stir-fry pasta. Very good, but I was so full I just felt like crawling into a corner and taking a nap. Anyway, I had to talk to somebody about something, and as soon as she opened her mouth, I just about vomitted my whole lunch right back up again. Holy halitosis batman, get that woman a tictac or something. Mouthwash, lysol, anything. It wasn't cigarettes and coffee, which is the usual combo that causes really bad breath, but something else. Food? I don't know, not sure if anybody would eat something that rank. Maybe she forgot to brush her teeth [for a few weeks] or maybe it was some strange, exotic form of BO. Don't know, but I kept my distance for the rest of our conversation, lest I share my stomach contents with her pumps.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention Screaming Man! He wasn't in the food court this morning, but he can usually be found there during the week. This dude can't speak at a normal conversational volume, he always feels the need to SHOUT everything he says. Totally fucking irritating. He must surely die. That would be one scream I would actually enjoy.

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January 23, 2003

Four Down & One To Go

Forecast Hi: +3°

Actual Hi: -19°

Damn weatherman! Slow day at work, and my pager started taking half an hour at a time to forward my messages. Really irritating. Can't wait till this week is over.

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January 22, 2003

Craig Kelly

Holy shit, Craig Kelly was one of the people who died in that avalanche in BC! For people who don't snowboard, Kelly was one of the first "stars" of the snowboarding world. My snowboard is a Burton Kelly Air, named after him. That sucks.

Mr. Kelly, 36, was acknowledged by at least one rival as being the best snowboarder of all time as well as the man responsible for defining the sport and the athlete who helped turn it into an industry. He has been called "the godfather of freeriding."

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January 21, 2003

Life in Hell

Work all day in cold weather. Come home, eat, head gets wobbly, fall asleep. Wake up, get ready, go to work.



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January 20, 2003

Treed Murray

Missed the first few minutes of this movie, but it kinda sucked me in after awhile. Not bad. What I liked most was the way it showed the good and bad in each character, there were no real heroes or villains. Although it ended rather predictably, there were a couple twists in the plot to keep you interested.

Well I'm not coming down, its that simple.

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Bad Day in Courierland

It was cold. It snowed. My back tire had a slow leak and I had to keep pumping it up. My Blackberry couldn't handle the cold and silently shut itself off at the busiest time of the day, causing me to miss two bank deposits and various pick-ups. Just as I was paying for a slice of pizza and a Coke, my pager went off for a rush. I wolfed down my food and ran to get the rush, but it was cancelled [out of my area]. On and on and on.

I hate this world.

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January 19, 2003


I don't know how long Bill will have this Quicktime file of Johnny Cash covering the Nine Inch Nails song Hurt [its 42 MB!], but wow! What an awesome video, I haven't seen a music video that cool in a long time, I had to watch it twice. Very eerie. Found it via Michele, thanks for the link!

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Just doing a trackback thing for Team Murder. I still don't fully understand how trackback works either. Good luck!

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I'm writing a perl script that:

  1. updates the form in an html file
  2. updates the perl script that processes the form
  3. updates the html file that ultimately gets displayed [my links page]

Oh what a complicated web we weave.

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January 16, 2003

Dirty Bike

Barely rideable POS

Need a new drive train, chain skips

I hate you, infernal machine!

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January 15, 2003


As long as its warmer than this frozen wasteland, count me in!

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Hey Chris, nice pants!

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Andre the crazy man

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It Snowed

Trying to get extended entries to dynamically extend [and retract]. First bit of code kept crashing my browser. This latest code seems stable, lets see if it actually works!

This entry is extended. Isn't it?

Haha! It works! Cool, here's where I got it from if you're interested. I tried this bit of code but it did not work, and made my page crash my browser. Not good. YMMV.

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January 14, 2003

Holy Colorama Batman!

Yeah, I know, there's too many different colours and shit on my page. I'm sick of messing with it today, I'll try to make it a little more discrete at a later time. Until them, ingest large quantities of illegal substances and enjoy the purty colours, eh.

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Messing With CSS

Experimenting with the design a bit. If my site looks really fucked up, well, it is! I'll figure this out eventually.

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January 13, 2003

And you thought that was lame...

OK, that was lame. Go look at some belly buttons then.

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Top Ten Reasons to invade Iraq

10 The food! You know, all the sand which is there! Hahhahaha!

9 OK, it is about the oil. You got a problem with that?

8 "Canada or Iraq?" "Canada? You crazy, its cold up there!" "Ok, Iraq it is!"

7 If we let Iraq have a nuke, then everybody will want one!

6 Oil? What oil? We're after Saddam's DVD collection!

5 Jeff Tice forgot his keys there and he wants them back, dammit!

4 Removing all Saddam murals solves unemployment crisis.

3 Lame "Axis of Evil" becomes ultra-cool "Devilish Dynamic Duo of Destruction".

2 Sean Penn is still there, right?

1 Anti-war babes get naked!

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Top Ten Reasons to invade Iraq

I've started reading The Lord of the Rings again, starting with The Fellowship of the Ring of course. Actually, I just finished reading The Hobbit first, a very cool prequel to LOTR and a lot less dense. Its weird how a lot of the story still feels familiar to me even though I last read it like a thousand years ago. Anyways, I came across this cool poem during today's reading session. Tolkien sure had a way with words. I think he was Marilyn Manson's dad, in spirit at least.

Cold be hand and heart and bone,

and cold be sleep under stone:

never more to wake on stony bed,

never, till the Sun fails and the Moon is dead.

In the black wind the stars shall die,

and still on gold here let them lie,

till the dark lord lifts his hand

over dead sea and withered land.

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no work for me

I've done 5 deliveries this morning! Yikes, I really have to get more accounts, this is not good. How can I support my lavish lifestyle on this pittance? *snicker*

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Cold & Snowy

Its -17° and there's a bunch of that white crap on the ground. How depressing. I suddenly feel sick and am not sure if I can make it to work. Yeah right, I haven't missed a day of work for two years now. Well, except for that one day where I took the day off to... work doing something else! My bike only has front brakes right now, not good in this kind of weather. My fault, too lazy to get the mounting pegs for the back. Ok, lets get this over with.

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January 11, 2003

Another One Bites the dust

99 beers on the wall, you take one down, pass it around...

Has every premier in British Columbia's history ended their term in scandal and disgrace? The latest is Gordon Campbell who has been charged with drinking and driving. I will try to trace how far back this tradition goes. Man, I used to live in BC and I know there is a lot of crime and corruption there, and it seems to extend to the highest levels of government. Well, at least stupidity does. Wonder if this will be enough to bring him down. I think the last premier went down because he made some kind of deal with a construction company to build an addition to his house?

In his statement, Campbell admits to a serious mistake, saying he will not fight the driving under the influence charge.

Ok, according to the article linked above, Campbell would be the fifth BC premier in a row to have to deal with a scandal.

  • Former New Democratic Party premier Glen Clark was recently acquitted of criminal charges connected with the granting of a casino licence.

  • Mike Harcourt, who resigned in 1995, was cleared of having a conflict of interest in connection with the granting of advertising contracts.

  • Bill Vander Zalm was acquitted of criminal charges of breach of trust, but was found guilty of violating his own conflict guidelines in the sale of his Fantasy Gardens theme park in Richmond.

  • Bill Bennett was acquitted of a criminal charge of violating securities regulations.

Then again, he doesn't look as bad as Nick Nolte did when he was arrested for the same thing.

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Saddam: The Early Years

Don't look at me or I will KILL you!

Found this interesting article on somebody who knew Saddam Hussein when he was young and lived to tell the story: NATIONAL POST.

There are few who remember the young Saddam Hussein, in part, according to Mr. Zobedi, because most have been killed, often under mysterious circumstances.

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I was invited to a party tonight, the wrap party for the movie "A Problem with Fear" but I have a huge headache and I ain't going nowhere. Bummer. I think it has something to do with the weather, it got really warm today, +9°, and now its -7° heading for -18° and snow. I guess the weatherdude isn't such an idiot, my bad. I've taken 3 tylenols so far, I hope that's enough to deal with this thing. [ha! what a wimp I am!]

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The Weatherman is an idiot

All week the weatherman [or weatherwoman] has been calling for really low temperatures [like -19] and the possibility of snow somewhere down the line. Well it did get down to -16° Celsius yesterday, but then I wake up today and the temperature is + 8° Celsius. Woohoo! Wicked. Funny thing is, they are still calling for a low of -19° tonight. Not likely. I love it when the weatherpeople are wrong, at least in this way.

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January 10, 2003

War is Hell

Just finished watching Blackhawk Down. What an amazing movie. Don't know how real it was on a technical level, but it sure gives you that you are there adrenaline rush. Makes you think if this war in Iraq goes ahead and they have to go into Baghdad, well it might be a lot like this. Shitty. I would hope they would be a bit more prepared for resistance than they were in this movie. And I wouldn't even try to distinguish friendlies from foes, fuck I would mow down whatever moved in front of me till I ran out of ammo. And I would pack a lot of rpgs, and mortars, and bazookas and shit. But hey, that's just me, maybe I played too much Quake III.

Oh yeah, I just had to add, the soundtrack to this movie rocked! [literally] It was mostly hard rock stuff that 1) I really like and 2) fit the theme of the movie. Like Faith No More's "Falling to Pieces", very appropriate.

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January 09, 2003

About Me

I added the about link to the sidebar for anyone who wants to know who I am, although its not finished, I'll add more when I make parole. The Me link is a really lame picture of me, as it would be since I am in it. By definition. Shit, I need to go to sleep. Goodnight.

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Game Boy Advance SP

Nintendo is putting out a new Game Boy, Game Boy Advance SP. I have an old Game Boy with the monochrome screen, which has developed irritating lines across the screen rendering it unplayable. This little baby looks pretty cool, I'll be tempted to pick one up. Too bad the games cost almost as much as games for their full-sized systems.

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January 08, 2003

Picture Yourself

When I saw this site ->Picture Yourself I thought it would have a lot of boring, useless pictures of people, but it actually has a lot of cool, inventive ones. Pretty addictive. This one made me laugh. I think somebody pissed Jeff off.

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Blogroll Thing

Added the blogroll thing to the sidebar. Yeah, there's only one link there so far, I'll add more once I figure it all out. The way to add links is a little funky, there must be a way to do the bookmarklet thing with it somehow...

[update] Got the bookmarklet thing to work and added the blogroll me! link. Boy, I'm good!

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Added the last 5 comments thing on the sidebar. Doesn't look quite right, need to tweak it in some way...

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Added the GeoURL link to my sidebar. It shows links that are geographically nearby. [Calgary] Of course, only links that registered with the GeoURL website actually show up. Could be a cool tool if enough people participate. I was actually trying to check out web pages in Mission City, BC [my old hometown, shithole] the other night using google, but all I found were links to religious institutions and tips for Grand Theft Auto III. Methinks this will be more useful.

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January 07, 2003

Spies That Fly

Just watched the NOVA episode Spies That Fly. Pretty cool, guess we'll see all these babies in action soon enough.

Checked out GlobalSecurity.org since they seem to have provided a lot of the data for the NOVA episode. A lot of interesting shit, I wonder if they get harassed by the military for providing so much "sensitive" information? This picture of North and South Korea is pretty revealing, must suck to be north of that border.

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January 06, 2003

Aphonopelma Seemanni

Here's some pics of my Costa Rican Zebra. She was eating a few crickets when I took these pictures, that's why she's on her tippy-toes. They tend to do that when they eat. Weirdos.

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More Sunset Pictures

You guys must think I'm obsessed with sunsets or something, but I took some more pictures of the sunset today. Couldn't resist, it looked really cool, all pinky and shit. We're having a wicked chinook right now, +15 degrees Celsius. Normal temperatures would be around the -30 degree range, so this is rather unusual. The first picture shows the chinook arch quite well.

This link will take you to a panorama shot of a chinook. Cool.

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January 04, 2003

Cool Flash Movie

A promo for the Edinburgh Film Festival.

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January 03, 2003

Scream is gone!

So I went to watch Scream today, and it was gone! I don't mean they made it a pay channel now [it was on free preview since October] but they removed it completely. I punch in the numbers [1-2-7] but nothing happens, its gone. I am so bummed. Apparently, it has something to do with CRTC regulations regarding digital channels. Whatever, Shaw should just do what it needs to do to get this channel in their lineup, it is by far the best channel they [don't] offer. Man, they play some really cool old movies [you know, the old B&W ones like the Mummy and the Raven and shit], newer horror movies [Halloween et al], some foreign stuff [Italian giallo, some weird Brazilian and Spanish shit] and a few thrillers [52 Pick-up, Taking of Pelham 1-2-3]. Although they focus on movies [as they should], they also show some TV series like Millenium [which ain't half bad] and they were going to start running an old Karloff series called Thriller, which I've never seen but it looked pretty cool.

This channel is everything Space should have been, but wasn't. I was so excited about Space when it first came out, but 90% of the stuff they show is crap, mostly TV series, when what I was really interested in were the movies. Then they got ahold of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and things went downhill fast. Buffy, Buffy, Buffy that's all they ever showed! I'm sure its a fine show, but too much is too much, and I pretty well gave up on that channel.

Anyway, I hope Shaw finds a way to get Scream back, it so totally rules its not even funny. [yes, I have no life, got a problem with that?]

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January 02, 2003

European Copyrights Expiring

In this NY Times article, we find out european copyrights are expiring on recordings from the 1950's. Cool. The RIAA's reaction? ``The import of those products would be an act of piracy,'' said Neil Turkewitz, the executive vice president international of the Recording Industry Association of America, which has strongly advocated for copyright protections. ``The industry is regretful that these absolutely piratical products are being released.'' And they wonder why everybody hates them. Wasn't the whole idea of copyright supposed to be a temporary protection of the originator's work so they could make money before it falls into public domain where everybody benefits from their work? Now its seems to benefit large corporations who can rip off artists and buy politicians to change laws so they can make money in perpetuity for doing sweet fuck all. The bastards. Defenders of extended copyright terms, like Mr. Turkewitz, argue that, if anything, American laws are still too lax and that the European laws are woefully inadequate. They don't want copyrights to ever expire do they? Long after the original author of the work is dead, they want to keep raking in the dough for doing what, exactly? Nothing. And they have the nerve to claim this promotes creativity. ``The public sees icons like Mickey Mouse and thinks that the companies must by now have made their money,'' he said. But, he added, 9 out of 10 sound recordings lose money. ``Very few materials wind up generating the revenues that sustain an entire system,'' he said. ``The amount of money put back into production by the record companies is enormous. It's extremely risk-intensive.'' Yeah, well if 9 out of 10 recordings get pirated, then that should save you from losing money on them, eh? [its a joke]

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January 01, 2003

Hapee New Year!

Slept in till noon, did next to nothing 'cept my billing for December, took forever. Boy, I started this year off with a bang! Ah well, shit happens. Gonna try to play some more Warcraft III, I'm halfway thru the Elf episode, which I think is the last one. Its weird having a day off in the middle of the week. I'm not sure how enthused I will be about going to work after only one measly day off. Its gonna be busy tomorrow, I am getting stressed just thinking about it. [Egads man! Pull yourself together!]

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