January 16, 2010

CSI Deadly Intent The Hidden Cases DS

I've been playing CSI Deadly Intent The Hidden Cases on my new Nintendo DSi. It's pretty good, not very challenging, but it is fun being part of the CSI team and investigating cases.

One thing that bugged me just now as I was finishing the first case, a piece of dialogue comes up where a suspect says " ...but the crew showed up earlier then I expected..." Argh, don't they have somebody to go through the game and correct obvious mistakes like that? Very annoying.

Some of the puzzles can have slight hiccups, like this one where you have to put together a picture with a bunch of pieces using the touchscreen. You can drag the piece or rotate it, but sometimes when you try to drag it, the piece rotates instead, or vice versa. Another puzzle, where you fix some corrupted data, was pretty tiresome. Still, the gameplay was a bit of a cakewalk, and yet still fun.

The game incorporates a few of the CSI characters, namely Brass, Hodges, Catherine Willows, Ray Langston and Al Robbins. The graphics are serviceable but the replays of the crime could certainly have been handled better. The music is kind of "bleh" and repeats itself over and over. Where is the Who intro tune?!

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