March 31, 2006

Kill me now

I had such a shitty day today. It was really busy all day. Then, right before I started doing my bank deposits, somebody gave me a rush. I thought I could get my deposits done before doing this rush, but all the banks were really busy and it took forever. So the people who sent out the rush got all pissed off that it was so late, so I had to rush down there after my deposits to get rid of the damn thing.

That's when things went from bad to worse as I encountered some psycopath that nearly killed me the other day [long story, it's like something out of "Duel"] and we had some major confrontation in this loading dock. I wouldn't be surprised if I get banned from that building now because of it.

Then when I came home, some chick needed help getting into her car because she locked her keys inside. I tried to use a coat-hanger to get it opened, but I'm useless as a car thief, apparently. I loaned her my finest hammer, because she still needed it to pry the door open while using the coat-hanger after I had given up. She promised to return it when she was done, but here I am, hours later and she never returned my fucking hammer.

It's been a rough day. :(

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March 26, 2006

RE4 Finished!


I finished Resident Evil 4 tonight. Good game!! I'm not sure what "The Mercenaries" or "Assignment Ada" is, but I guess it's a couple more missions they give you once you complete the main game.


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March 12, 2006

Resident Evil 4

I can see her undies LOL

I finally picked up RE4 for the Gamecube last week. I was trying to get it from the Future Shop for the longest time, but they don't carry it, apparently. Then I was trying to get it from, but it was always sold out, although the PS2 version always seemed available. I finally tracked it down at Best Buy, for a decent price too, $34.99.

The game's interface was a bit frustrating at first, the way you have to go into "aiming mode" before you can fire your weapon is a pain in the ass sometimes. No, all the time actually. Like when you're firing at a big monster and he get's too close, so you try to get out of aiming mode so you can run away, but it takes so long that he stomps on you before you can change back into "running away" mode. Bah! And there's no strafing in this game, you always have to move forwards or backwards before you can turn. Sidestepping would be so much easier. Your character moves awefully slow, too, even in running mode.

Otherwise, this is a pretty excellent game. The graphics are the nicest I've seen on the GC, the story is developing nicely [I'm on chapter 2-3?, I think] and it's tons of fun blowing away the zombies. There's a decent selection of weapons that have various upgrades to keep it interesting, and even some puzzle sections to break away from the 'killing zombies' gameplay all the time. I'm not crazy about the way the game flashes button combos on the screen once in awhile when something unusual happens. Like when this boulder comes rolling towards you, you're suddely supposed to press "A" to run away, then "A+B" and then "R+L" to duck out of it's way. It doesn't really add anything to the game and the skills you learned up to this point are useless, you just have to keep replaying the scene over and over again till you get it right. Kinda stupid.

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