November 29, 2003

Warlords Battlecry III

Looks like there will be a Warlords Battlecry III. Maybe I'll be finished WBCII by then...

Official Site

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Indian Summer

Holy crap, today's forecast high is +8 Celsius! Scorching! And it's sunny, too, no chinook clouds. Weird.

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November 25, 2003

Towards Absolution

unworthy creature
And now for more important matters; I have 25 victories in Battlecry II! Some of these scenarios are really difficult! I was trying to play one against Dark Elves but I think it was actually Daemons controlled by Dark Elves. Anyway, I can barely hold off their hordes until their Titan [Balora] comes and totally wipes out my base. I'm playing Humans and I have tons of archers but she just smokes them, no probs. I tried rushing her base early, but her regular troops are very strong and she held me off with minimal damage. I also tried spreading my archers around so she could only kill them one at a time, but that didn't work. The best I could do is get her hit points down to 500, from her max of 850. [?] Eventually, I resigned the scenario and moved on to a different one. It's funny, all the scenarios say 'Expect determined resistance' but some are way, way more difficult than others.

Good game, very difficult and somewhat frustrating in places tho.

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Cargo Bond II

I got the paperwork for my cargo bond yesterday, a day late. As if that wasn't bad enough, they sent me an invoice even though I've already given them a cheque. I know they haven't cashed my cheque either because I got a balance on my account yesterday and the money is still in there. I'll have to go in there today to find out what the hell is going on.

The certificate didn't have the proper wording that the city requires as well. I gave them the letter the city sent me so they would know what was required, yet they still screwed it up! I'm going to submit it as is and hope the city accepts it, but if not, I'll have to go back to the insurance company and get them to do it up right.

I so hate this crap, why are people so freaking incompetent?

Update: The insurance people said they usually don't deposit the cheque until the policy's effective date, which was yesterday. I hope he's right. I pointed out how the policy doesn't have the specific wording needed by the city. "Oh." I couldn't really give him a hard time as it was a different guy from when I first went in there and explained things. He said if the city has a problem, they would be able to add the proper wording. I dropped the papers off at city hall, hopefully they'll rubber stamp the damned thing and I won't have to deal with this shit anymore.

At least till next year.

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November 22, 2003


That's gotta hurt!

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Heritage Classic

The Globe and Mail has some interesting facts and figures on today's hockey game. It'll be fun watching those overpaid, pampered NHL primadonnas freeze their butts off while I'm inside warm and cozy. :) Actually, I'm looking forward to this, should be a pretty cool, unique event. Guy Lafleur's Canadiens vs. Wayne Gretzky's Oilers, it's one of those fantasy games that's actually going to take place.

If You Freeze It, They Will Come: Edmonton is cold during November, but Heritage Classic tickets were red-hot. The Oilers received more than 700,000 entries - some from as far away as China, Finland and Britain - in a lottery for the opportunity to purchase tickets. In fact, an estimated 100,000 more were received after the entry deadline. How hard are tickets to come by? Wayne Gretzky's mom had to call her son to get a pair.

messier and some homeless person

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Saturday Morning Weather

It's -23 out there. Brrrr!

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November 21, 2003

Korn - This Town

Catchy tune, I can't get it out of my head! Argh!

Performed by Human Waste Project with Jonathan Davis on backing vocals

This town is our town so mother fucking glam (echo out)

We all know the chosen toys, candy girls, and pretty boys
Make up that face to win the race
Life's a bitch in this town
Suck my dick in this town

This town is our town
It is so glamorous
I'll bet you'll live here if you could
And be one of us

This town is our town
So fucking glamorous
I'll bet you'll live here if you could
And be one of us

Change our mind like we said before
We are dreamers, we are whores.
Discarded scars like worn out cars.
Litter the streets of this town
Litter the streets in this town

This town is our town
So fucking glamorous
I'll bet you'll live here if you could
And be one of us

This town is our town
So mother fucking glamorous
I'll bet you'd live here if you could
And be one of us

Break it down boys

Human Waste in the house (x3)

Here we fucking go!

This town is our town
So fucking glamorous
I'll bet you'll live here if you could
And be one of us

This town is our town
So muther fucking glamorous
I'll bet you'll live here if you could
And be one of us

This town (x4)

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November 20, 2003

Birthday Boy

Yep, today was my birthday. Woohoo, yay for me! Thanks to everybody who wished me a happy birthday. There have been some years when nobody knew it was my birthday, so I didn't get any well wishes. Which ain't no big deal but it's kinda nice when at least one person comes up to you and says "hey, happy birthday dude". So thanks guys. And gals. ;)

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November 19, 2003

Cold & Snowy

We got about 10cm of snow last night. It was wet snow so my day at work was pretty miserable, not too cold but very wet and muddy. We're supposed to get another 5 to 10 cm tonight and the high for tomorrow is -15C. I hate this time of year.

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November 17, 2003

Warlords Battlecry II

Sorry, I haven't been blogging lately, I've been wired on this game. It's a very deep game, as in it has a lot of stuff! :) [spells, beasties, items, upgrades, etc...] I should be finished in, oh about ten years. I think there's 60 scenarios in the campaign and I have something like 15 victories so far. I should win a little more easily now; before I hadn't read the manual and I missed out on a bunch of stuff that could have helped me early in the game. Doh! Now that I've read the manual I should be able to kick some Dark Elf ass!

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November 15, 2003

We have assumed control

Canada has absorbed Alaska. Really! Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlottes have merged into the mainland as well.

"It's not a map of Canada, it's a piece of art," Mr. Tallis said. "And it's not just Canada, it's essentially north of the 49th. Let's be clear, that this is not a map for people to find their way around the country. That's not the intent of it."

Huh? Yeah, whatever.

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November 10, 2003

Cargo Bond

I finally got an insurance company to insure me for work. I am so happy, that's a load off my mind. The best thing is, they're insuring me for almost $300 less than the last company I was using. Woohoo! I guess the last company I was using had some kind of minimum they were charging their customers. And then they dumped me. Well fuck 'em, I'll take my business elsewhere and save money. Cool.

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Flash Fun

The end of the world! Thanks Lorri!

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November 07, 2003

Femme Fatale

deus ex machina
I just finished watching this movie and...

*** spoiler ***

...that has to be the worst ending to a movie I have ever seen! What the hell was he [DePalma] thinking??? Holy shit, it was all a dream! And then a million coincidences come together to make all the main characters' lives turn out just peachy! Pure, utter bullshit. Gag, what a dissapointment.

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Pee Man

Yea, it's Friday! I haven't been posting much this week because it's been cold lately and I've been too drained to do much of anything.

So last Friday I'm riding by one of those bus shelters and I hear a "Whaaaa!" coming from inside. I look inside as I go by and there's this guy with his wang hanging out and he's pissing a long, steaming yellow stream into the air. The dork didn't even turn away from the road and all these people were rubbernecking, checking out the spectacle. It was kind of funny. I rode by later and the cops were there with their lights on so I guess they busted the guy. Dude, I'm never drinking with you again, you freak!

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November 01, 2003

Burning Leafs

Watching the Toronto-Philadelphia hockey game. I hate Toronto so I only really enjoy watching their games when they lose. The score is 7-1 for Philly. Hehe. Good game. The TO fans are booing them now. Cool. I hate Pat Quinn. I hate Tie Domi, Darcy Tucker. I liked Gary Roberts before he became a Leaf, but now I hate him. They suck.

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Canada: International Drug Dealer

Interesting story in the Globe and Mail about Americans importing their prescription drugs from Canada. Very strange situation.

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