December 26, 2002
Boxing Day

Went to get crickets for my spiders, but the pet store was closed. Damn thing is way down by Heritage as well. Then I went to Future Shop to get a couple of DVDs that were supposedly on sale. They only had 50 each of the ones on sale and they were long gone by the time I got there. Just couldn't bring myself to buy them at a more reasonable, normal sale price so I got none. But I did get 100 blank CDRs for $40, which was a good deal. If the new tax comes in Jan. 1, the levy on 100 CDRs will be 59 cents each, so the tax alone will be $59.00! So the blanks I bought today for $40 will be over $100 in 2003! Ridiculous.

Anyway, I came home, did dishes, washed floors, did laundry and I will get to the washroom eventually I suppose. Boy, I have so much fun! Eww, they just had a cat that was de-clawed on TV. There's something just not right about that. What's the point of being a cat if you can't claw somebody's eyes out? Well I'm off to waste some forest dwellers in WCIII. [I'm almost done!]

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