February 07, 2003
No Lunch Today

It was so busy today, I never got to go for lunch. Now that's busy! My feet are sore. I got some food from Wendy's on the way home. Now I need a stiff drink. Some asshole opened his truck door right in front of me today. I managed to swerve out his way and gave him a "you fucking idiot!" as I rode by. Friday always seems to bring out the low-IQ mouth-breathers, driving their Jeep Cherokees, chatting on the phone, looking one way & driving the other way, opening their fucking doors right in front of you. And earlier in the day, some dick decided to make an unsignaled left turn in the middle of the intersection from the far lane, nearly running over the bike commuter riding in front of me. Fridays are the worst.

And then there's the people who haven't paid their bill for a long time. [3 months] Now I'm a patient guy, but this is getting ridiculous. I was going to cut them off on Monday, but I know they do a cheque run in the middle of the month so I might just wait till then. This is really pissing me off, I'm a one-man operation so if people don't pay their bills, it can really throw out my financial planning. And its just plain ignorant. I try to be patient and cut people some slack, but obviously, some people take this as an invitation to be dicks. Well its not. And I've just about reached the end of my rope in this matter.

Anyway, its the weekend, time to relax. And work on my bike and shit. Oh yeah, and drink. A lot.

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