February 19, 2003
Avid 203mm cable disc brake

I got my disc brake today! Hurray! This thing's huge. I had no idea it was going to be so big. Oh well, the disc should last longer due to the larger surface area. I can't wait, no more rim wear! I usually ride my rims till the sidewall gets so thin that it blows out, usually quite explosively. Although my last rim got all warped and no matter how many times I tightened the spokes, it would go back out of true again. Anyways, my new rim should last much, much longer than usual with this new brake. I just hope my forks last. I can see a lot of corrosion on the bottom sleeves. My last set of forks were so corroded, the inner rod poked right through the outer sleeve. Not good. I wish they would put some kind of anti-corrosion coating on them to prevent this. But if they did that, they couldn't sell us new forks every two years! Yeah, what was I thinking.

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