February 24, 2003

My Aphonopelma seemanni was already pretty chubby before I fed her a pinky last night. Now she's definately on the heavy side. I like how she's crossing her spinnerets, like she has to take a leak or something.

Somebody get me a bucket.


And here she is before eating the pinky.

Before she ate the pinky.

While she was consuming the pinky, I noticed its tail had fallen off near the spot where she had first caught him. Not wanting to disturb her meal, I figured I would retrieve it later. [to prevent it from rotting and spreading mold or disease] Looking in later, she was over the spot where the tail was, so I would have to try again later. Then she moved away, and guess what? The tail was gone! The greedy little bastard had gone back and consumed the tail!

Posted by Fungii at February 24, 2003 10:48 PM | TrackBack

very interesting life you have Richard ... how are you doing ... Mike lead me to this site and it is interesting .. can I come over to sample your cookies ie cookie project??? and your spider is very interesting ... how long have you had her? ... what is a pinky?? the think that you gaver her to eat? .. is it an insect? ... I got to look at your pic and you look like uncle Con ... do you remember him at all? ... well it is late here for me and I should get a move on to bed ... I am tired and my little one will be up in no time at all ... did you know I have another girl!? ... hmm guess you are trying to figure out who this is in the first place lol ... it is your big sis Joanne ... would love to hear from you if you get a chance and if not I may leave another message on here for you .. take care and I love to read this :-)

Posted by: Joanne on February 28, 2003 12:52 AM

Don't think there will be any left [cookies] by the end of the weekend! :) A pinky is a newborn mouse baby, they're pink and hairless->pinky. You can buy them frozen so they're handy to have around when you can't get out to buy crickets. And they make a good meal for the critters. :) Congratulations on the new [?] girl. What's her name? Nice to hear from you Joanne, hope things are going well for you. :)

Posted by: Fungii on February 28, 2003 10:11 PM
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