February 26, 2003
Started bad, got worse

It was so quiet this morning, I only did 2 deliveries the whole morning! And if that wasn't bad enough, just as I'm grabbing some lunch, my pager starts to go off. So I wolf down my lunch, go pick up this rush and its going to a place that's closed for lunch. Bah! It doesn't really matter to me, I'm just the courier, but it is kind of irritating. Then it snowed. I've had enough snow for this year, thank you very much. And I really couldn't give a damn if the farmers really need it. Ain't no farmers in the concrete jungle, baby.

It's so white, abominably white!!!

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hi again Richard ... got your message yesterday and was happy to hear something from you but didn't expect it to be on here lol ... your new neice is named Arianna Shae Lynn Makortoff ... she was born on August 26th, 2002 ... in a town called Trail, where there is a smelting plant called Cominco or as they have recently changed the name to Tecominco (that could be the wrong way to spell it though) ... ok getting back to my little girl .. she is a really good girl and is now six months old ... but I have more news for you unless Mike told you! ... you are a great uncle now as well ... Becky, my oldest daughter, is the mother of a beautiful girl named Paige Alexandra Meyer .. She will be two in May ,,, I would show you pics but not sure I can send them to you on here ... I guess you have figured out that I am not with Willy any more ... Willy has the two other girls, Holly and Kristine ... Holly is now 18, has her drivers license (just got that a month or so ago now) and a serious boyfriend named Randal ... Holly is still in school and she baby sits Paige when Becky goes to school as well ... Becky is taking a course to become a medical receptionist ... she just started that a month ago now as well ... she likes school but finds it hard cause of the cut backs in welfare ... actually they cut her off completly amd was terrified how she was going to live! ... she is now applying for a student loan ... hope that goes well for her ... ok now lastly is Kristine ...she is in grade 10 now ... she is a very active girl and always on the go doing something with her friends ... she is also now on the honor roll at school ... not sure how she manages that and keeping up with her friends but she does ... my boyfriend lives here in Castlegar, which is where I am now ... his name is Jim and he works in Trail at Cominco ... well I guess this is long enough for now ... I guess I can keep checking on here and finding how things are with you ... take care Richard and I hope to hear more from you soon xo Joanne

Posted by: Joanne on March 4, 2003 08:54 AM
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