March 16, 2003
Hell is White

I spent most of the weekend putting my mountain bike together. It warmed up on Wednesday and most of the streets had dried out so I thought it would be safe to ride my shiny new machine on Monday. Well, today I took a nap at about one o'clock and then woke up at around two to find a bright white light shining through my window. More fucking snow! Argh, I hate this it never ends. It was a lot of snow too, like around 5 cm or so. I guess I'll be riding my road bike for at least one more day. And that sucks as my road bike is all screwed up, the back end is wobbling real bad. The back wheel is not that warped, I can't find anything wrong with the frame and the axle doesn't seem bent. I can't figure out where the problem is. Bleh, this sucks in every way.

I hate this world!

My new front disc brake looks pretty sweet tho.

Too bad I can't get my rear v-brakes happening. When I first got this new Azonic Evolution frame, the guy at the bike shop said I would have to get special oversized brake bosses for the rear brakes. They did not have any but he said I should try this other shop.

When I went to the second shop, the guy there said that was bullshit and that I could use regular sized brake bosses. He said he could order some for $40.00. That seemed like way too much so I declined.

Then when I got my disc brake, I thought I could just transfer the brake bosses from my forks to the rear dropouts. But when I tried to screw them in, they were way too small! Argh, the first guy was right. What a pain. At this point, I think I'll stick with just the front disc until can pick up another disc for the rear. Forty bucks just for a couple pegs is just too much. And it would be really cool to have another disc on the back.

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