March 17, 2003
Just another day, man

I did laundry today! Woohoo!

Got some new shoes, too. Installed the cleats and now I'm ready to ride the beast tomorrow. Can't wait, it's gonna feel so much better than my road bike, which is on its last legs I'm afraid. The rear end is all over the place and I noticed the BB has come loose as well. It served me well for 17 years but now I might have to put it out to pasture. Or bury it in the back yard.

I've been thinking of putting together a winter bike for next winter. I can get a cheap frame for $170. Although, it ain't shit, I think it's aluminum or something. I'd like to keep it simple as possible with a single speed on the back and a single chainring on the front. Rigid forks. Run cable housing all the way from the lever to the brakes to keep out crud. Fenders. Platform pedals. Maybe a cute little pink basket in the front and hockey cards in the spokes to make that cool ratatattat sound.

And a bell. Did you know you are legally obligated to have a bell mounted on your bike in Calgary? A cop gave me a $25 fine once for not having a bell. What a dick. That was about 7 years ago and I still don't have a bell.

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