May 27, 2003

Canada decriminalizing cannabis

"Persons using this narcotic smoke the dried leaves of the plant, which has the effect of driving them completely insane. Addicts to this drug, while under its influence, are immune to pain, and could be severely injured without having any realization of their condition. While in this condition they become raving maniacs and are liable to kill or indulge in any form of violence to other persons, using the most savage methods of cruelty without, as said before, any sense of moral responsibility." Emily Murphy, the first woman to become a Member of Parliament and one of the "Famous Five" who helped Canadian women become "persons" under the law, winning them the right to vote, was also an early anti-marijuana activist. In her 1922 book The Black Candle, Murphy called marijuana the "new menace."

And they say the weed today is so much more potent than the weed of yesteryear. Yeah, right!


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