October 01, 2003

Angel Premiere

If you were hoping to see a lot of Spike in this episode, you'll be sorely disappointed. He's almost completely AWOL.

The return of Harmony was handled well, very funny back and forth banter with Angel. I think she'll be a great addition to the show, filling the void left by Cordelia. Speaking of Cordelia, I was glad they mentioned her instead of pretending that she never existed. After all, her and Harmony were best buds in high school. Hopefully they'll have Charisma Carpenter back on the show sometime to tie up the loose ends left by her departure.

The scene with Mr. Spanky was priceless. I can just imagine DB reading the script and getting to that last line. "I have to say what?!"

And the long, unbroken opening shot [after the intro teaser] touring the Wolfram & Hart offices was pretty cool. Nice camerawork.

The premise of the Angel crew controlling Wolfram & Hart while trying to manage the 'lesser of two evils' dichotomy should make for a very interesting and entertaining season. Plus the addition of Spike and Harmony, and hopefully some other exBtVS people. I don't know how good the earlier seasons were, but I think this one's looking like a winner. Much better than Buffy season 7, which I haven't seen in its entirety, but what I have seen wasn't terribly impressive.

From today's Calgary Sun article on the Angel premiere:
That said, Boreanaz does have a suggestion on how the series should end. "I think Angel should just become human and go walk outside into the sun and then get hit by a bus. That'd be funny, but I don't think it'd go over too well."

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