October 03, 2003

HL2 Source Code Leak

From some usenet post:

Leaked internal valve aim log
TomCruiseMan: r u there?
1984Haxx0r696969: :)
TomCruiseMan: excellent, you know what tomorrow is?
1984Haxx0r696969: yeah, hl2 comes out, right gabe?
TomCruiseMan: *evil grin* i fuxxored it all
1984Haxx0r696969: what?
TomCruiseMan: i uploaded half-life 2 source to an ftp server
1984Haxx0r696969: GABE! WHY THE $$*(%(%&$ WOULD YOU DO THAT?
1984Haxx0r696969: what the f is wrong with you?
TomCruiseMan: just kidding, it's not hl2 source
1984Haxx0r696969: whew, u got me, you dickhead!
TomCruiseMan: there is no hl2
1984Haxx0r696969: ?
TomCruiseMan: u heard me, there is no hl2. i uploaded hl1 source mixxed with
quake2 source and i replaced all "quake" with "source"
TomCruiseMan: ?
1984Haxx0r696969: *speechless*
TomCruiseMan: i don't want anyone to find out i've spent $10 million of our
hl1 money on doritos
1984Haxx0r696969: wtf
TomCruiseMan: vivendi thinks hl2 is almost done... man, it took 5 goddamn
years to write steam
TomCruiseMan: they forgot it took us years to write a quake1 engine game
TomCruiseMan: i'm fuxxored
1984Haxx0r696969: what are you gonna do?
TomCruiseMan: uploading the "hl2" source, blame it on outlook and then say
we're delayed another year
1984Haxx0r696969: wtf, blame what on outlook??? what about ati?
TomCruiseMan: ati is expecting a build by end of the month
1984Haxx0r696969: yup, you're fuxxored
TomCruiseMan: no, once i announce hl2 source is leaked, i can get 1 more
year to write hl2. sep 30, 2004
1984Haxx0r696969: if you hire carmack and god maybe.
TomCruiseMan: it would help, i can't code anymore, i've been working on
steam by myself for 5 years. my work keyboard is packed full of crumbs
1984Haxx0r696969: ???? where did everyone go?
TomCruiseMan: i fired everyone and bought the local domino's instead. free
pizza, mf'er!
1984Haxx0r696969: do they deliver that shit right to your mouth, bitch?
TomCruiseMan: f u, goat licker!
1984Haxx0r696969: goddamn idiot. you are going to get shot when they find
out the truth
TomCruiseMan: 1 year man, they bought that shit already for hl1, they'll buy
it again.
1984Haxx0r696969: where did all the screenshots and videos come from?
TomCruiseMan: counterstrike guys did it all as a favor... and free pizza
1984Haxx0r696969: shit man, what about nvidia?
TomCruiseMan: nvidia is suing my ass for $50 million
1984Haxx0r696969: what are you going to do?
TomCruiseMan: dump ati and go with nvidia... then trash ati
1984Haxx0r696969: you can't do that! everyone will see right thru you
TomCruiseMan: no way man, i will fuxxor ati and get those monkeys off my
1984Haxx0r696969: you are insane man, i like it
1984Haxx0r696969: but you're still fuxx0red
TomCruiseMan: listen bill, you used to be my boss, but now i'm my boss,
trust me
1984Haxx0r696969: ok. if you can delay until sep 30, 2005, then it will
match the longhorn delay. can you put in code to only run on longhorn?
TomCruiseMan: no problem
1984Haxx0r696969: k thx
TomCruiseMan: gtg, pizza is here
1984Haxx0r696969: bye

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