February 29, 2004

Obligatory Monthly Posting

I'm also trying to write a program, it's a DOS program right now, that reads info from MP3 files, stores it, displays it and shit. I know there's tons of programs out there already that do this sort of thing, but I'm just doing it as a programming excercise. It was going well 'til I got to the part where it actually reads the info from the file! That's when I started getting crashes every time I tested it. Unfortunately, I hadn't saved any early, working versions, so I was forced to muck about the code, ripping things out, trying to find the problem. Yuck. Now I'm making a new version every time I alter the code significantly. I did find the problem. I had a piece of code that opened a file, read the information, closed the file and moved on to the next file in the directory. The problem was, I put the fclose() function on the wrong side of the braces! Doh! The program would try to open the next file before closing the last one. Not good.

Posted by Fungii at February 29, 2004 03:17 PM |