March 07, 2004

Mp3 Information Program

The first choice on the main menu let's you choose which directory to search for mp3 files. For example C:\MyMusic. It can also search the subdirectories one level down, so if you have C:\MyMusic\Monkees and C:\MyMusic\Ozzy it can search those to. After setting the directory to search, selecting the second option, load data from mp3 files, goes through all the mp3's it finds and extracts their information, saving it into a temp file. [TEMP.MPI] Then you can choose option three to view the data. The detailed view isn't properly set up yet.

This is a DOS program so it doesn't support Windows long file names. It's just a program I'm working on to learn how to program in C/C++. I'll eventually do a Windows version, once I get this DOS version working properly. I'd like to have it generate an html file for easier viewing. And to be able to edit the information in mp3s. And maybe create playlists. Right now, it only reads ID3v1 tags, adding ID3v2 tag support will come soon I hope. It doesn't measure the bit rate of variable bit rate mp3s properly, I'll have to fix that later. Anyway, check it out, but it's very incomplete. Possibly buggier than hell. :)

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