March 30, 2004

My bike's having a seizure!

Update: the good news is that it all came apart pretty easily. The bottom bearings were pretty thrashed, I think pieces of the ring they were in came off and grinded away at everything in there, not good. I cleaned everything off and installed some new bearings, just loose ones this time. I greased everything up real good and put it back together. Now it feels "notchy"! I tried loosening off some bolts just in case I overtightened things, but that didn't help. So I guess I'm stuck with this notchy feeling as I can't think of anything else I can do other than getting a new headset. It might snow tomorrow or Thursday, so no point in putting a new headset through that torment. Besides, it might not be so bad, I hope. I need to get a new set of forks sometime this year so I'll just replace it then.

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