June 27, 2005


Bloody mess

I look like I'm in a bit of shock here. My lips swelled up a hella lot more after this. You can see my nose got some road rash as well. I had a nose bleed when I bailed and later it scabbed up. I actually had a big scab running up from my chin to my nose on the right side afterwards, quite fucking disgusting.

My Bad ToothI never felt better

Here you can see my chipped tooth. Yuck! The dentist fixed it pretty good, although I think it sticks out a bit more than my real one did. Maybe I should grind it down with my Dremel tool? You can see my chin was pretty raw, lucky I didn't break my jaw or I'd really be a hurting unit!

Out out damned spot

These pictures were taken not too long after the incident. I actually don't look too injured. The next day was the worst. No, I didn't take any more pictures, I basically died after this.

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