March 15, 2003

Free stuff

Then on my way home, I popped into Wendy's to get some dinner. There was a line-up and the guy in front of me orders, then the cashier says something to him and he gets upset and leaves. Weird. So I go up and order a double classic meal, biggie sized, to go. The cashier tells me their Interac isn't working but no worries, I have cash. So I see the guy put a couple burgers in a bag and then he puts another one in and I'm thinking that must be someone elses order. But then he looks at me and says "Your lucky day!" and hands me the bag. Score! I guess they had the extra burgers from the aborted Interac orders so they just dumped them on me. So I had abortions for dinner. Ha.

Anyway, it just seemed weird to get all that free stuff all at once at the end of the day, nice way to start the weekend. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go lie down for a few days while I try to digest about 50 pounds of mad-cow infested dogmeat.

Posted by Fungii at March 15, 2003 10:14 AM |