March 16, 2003

Hell is White

My new front disc brake looks pretty sweet tho.

Too bad I can't get my rear v-brakes happening. When I first got this new Azonic Evolution frame, the guy at the bike shop said I would have to get special oversized brake bosses for the rear brakes. They did not have any but he said I should try this other shop.

When I went to the second shop, the guy there said that was bullshit and that I could use regular sized brake bosses. He said he could order some for $40.00. That seemed like way too much so I declined.

Then when I got my disc brake, I thought I could just transfer the brake bosses from my forks to the rear dropouts. But when I tried to screw them in, they were way too small! Argh, the first guy was right. What a pain. At this point, I think I'll stick with just the front disc until can pick up another disc for the rear. Forty bucks just for a couple pegs is just too much. And it would be really cool to have another disc on the back.

Posted by Fungii at March 16, 2003 03:14 AM |